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A New Take on Electric Car Rental

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    Auto executives say more than half of U.S. car sales will be EVs (Electric Vehicles) by 2030, KPMG survey shows. However, transitioning our 350+ million residents will take time, and getting them accustomed to driving electric will require resources, such as test drivable vehicles, rentals, demos, and more. Renting an electric vehicle today in 2022 is difficult, limited & expensive. Our goal is to make it simple, affordable, and fun. With Evolved, humans around the country, and soon the world, will be able to host and rent an electric vehicle (and a wide array, not just one brand or model) on a single car sharing marketplace, with unique benefits to be disclosed in the near future. As we gear up to launch between Q4 2022-Q2 2023, sign up for updates! We will be sharing the latest and greatest on EV’s, providing dates for hosts and guests alike, and having crypto giveaways!

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